Ice Cream Lab

Our Story

Our Story

Ice Cream Lab is a family-run business which began from a love of ice cream, and a love of our 5 beautiful children. We were on a family vacation in Florida where we were served made-to-order ice cream in whatever flavor combination we wanted and it was frozen right before our eyes to enjoy mere moments later. It was more than just a family outing for ice cream, there was the incredible ‘wow’ factor and entertainment that went along with watching each individual ice cream being made with exactly the toppings and flavours each of us wanted; each unique and personalized. It wasn’t soon forgotten. However, when we got back home we realized there was no such business in Canada. We dreamed up how we could offer the same concept within our own community by doing the same, and what started as a tiny idea, snowballed into an entire business plan which incorporated our children; a family adventure. Even 3 years later as the business has evolved, our children are a huge part of the business and provide ideas, help in the store, and are now old enough to be employed there too! We are very proud to have produced many job opportunities for teens, many of whom have their first job experience working with our team.

Our Goals

  • To provide first time jobs to our children and many teens in Milton and provide mentorship and training to teens as they enter the work force for the 1st time!
  • Create a setting where those with food intolerances and allergies could enjoy the infamous treat by making ice cream to order made of products other than traditional dairy products. With the very cool use of LIQUID NITROGEN, we can freeze any liquid and topping combination into a delicious treat to suit any palate.
  • To make ice cream while teaching and educating children and adults on the SCIENCE behind ice cream and liquid nitrogen. Yummy AND educational!
Our Goals


To provide fresh, delicious, handmade food products from scratch using only the finest, natural ingredients within a warm and inviting family atmosphere.

Our family-run bakery was established with the sole purpose of offering the freshest breads, donuts, pastries and baking within our community using only fresh and natural ingredients. Our breads, croissants, crepes, donuts and sweets are baked every morning to ensure freshness and quality. Breakfast, lunch and dinner, and snacks, we have a menu item for any time of the day. Our breakfast sandwiches and crepes are a perfect meal and available all day, while our sandwiches, soups and salads provide a warm and hearty lunch or dinner. Try one of our specialty coffees with a handmade donut or cinnamon bun for a midday snack, or something on the run. Our vision was to fill the bakery not only with the wonderful aromas of fresh breads and pies, but with the many families, relatives and friends who gravitate to the welcoming environment and ambiance of our store. We also promote community which is why we offer a variety of baking classes in our community kitchen which was established to welcome various groups and organizations in order to offer teaching opportunities across all age groups.

We are located in Milton, Ontario.

Our bakers diligently work at providing consistent, exceptional products on a daily basis.

We will soon be launching our home-delivered Bakery Boxes to families who want freshly baked breads, scones, cinnamon buns and other treats delivered to their door each week. Sign up for our home delivery program now to start receiving fresh products at your doorstep.

Ice cream and sweets with a dash of science.


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  • Custom Holiday cupcakes and donuts orders available! Christmas is just around the corner...😀🎄
  • Who doesn't love a good cupcake?
  • Cinnamon swirl loaf!
  • Did you know we make our caramel sauce from scratch at icecream lab? 
Caramel gingerbread parfait and caramel gingerbread donuts! 
Happy Holidays! 😊

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  • Parfaits to go! 
Chocolate raspberry cream and black forest cake!

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  • Take out anyone? 
We are on uber eats! 
Sundays are for eating cinnamon buns in bed!
  • Happy Sunday! 
Are there any icecream lab fans that like ohhenry!? Chocolate glaze, dulce de leeche, loaded with peanuts! Come in and enjoy one! 
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  • Come on downtown and check out our booth in the street for some amazing holiday treats.

Or come into the store for some great sales and specials.

We have $1.00 hot chocolate in store made with our delicious chocolate syrup.  Or for regular price you can get a hot chocolate made with REAL @callebautchocolate. 
Don't forget we also have all our Lattes, Cappuccino, Coffee, Tea, and Espresso.

Hot homemade from scratch soup to warm you up. 
Don't forget we always have ice cream.
  • For a limited time only, make your own 3D cookie Christmas tree! Includes a variety of royal icing, sprinkles, and lots of delicious sugar cookies! Get yours today in our store or at the market! 
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  • You can find us at the downtown Mainstreet Christmas Market tomorrow! 
Donuts, cookies, bread, gingerbread wreaths, loves, cake slices, stocking name it, we got it! 
We have a very special new Christmas present/package available tomorrow. Confused? Curious? Stay tuned...and maybe we'll let you know. 
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