Bakery & Cafe

The newest edition to the Ice Cream Lab brand is our amazing bakery. Each day we bake freshly made products from scratch using nothing but the freshest ingredients. Each one of our items is handmade without any added preservatives or extra fillers. You’ll definitely taste the difference fresh makes.



Our loaves and buns are handmade every day by our trained pastry chefs.  Our sourdough has been called the “best sourdough ever” by many of our customers.


These extra-large gourmet donuts are made using our own customized recipe. They are not only beautifully decorated, but they are decadent and rich-tasting. They are made fresh every morning and decorated by hand using nothing but the freshest toppings, creamy fillings, and decadent Belgian chocolate. We have many traditional daily favourites, but our bakers constantly make extraordinary creations as well as seasonal specials which are masterpieces. Custom orders can always be made with 48 hours notice. We take great pride in the quality of donuts we produce each and every morning.

Butter Tarts

Butter Tarts

Our butter tarts were the winners of the 2018 Halton Butter Tart festival in both original and flavour combinations. They are worth every calorie and have drawn customers from both near and far. Each butter tart is hand made, again using only the freshest ingredients to master this truly Canadian iconic treat! We make butter tarts in a variety of flavours which will leave your mouth watering for more. Some of our most popular flavours are maple bacon, raspberry rhubarb, key lime, lemon meringue, pecan, raisin and of course, the traditional plain butter tart! Custom orders are available with 48 hours notice.

Pastries and other baked goods

We are constantly making new items and creating fun and cool new menu items. We bake and offer a wide array of both sweet and savory items such as cookies, muffins, croissants, scones, cakes, pies, chocolates, and macarons. Stop by today to see what’s new.

Our Baker

About Our Baker

Growing up in Europe, I started baking at an early age. I made my first cake book when I was 12 years old and during that period of time, my mother almost had to apply weeks in advance to be allowed into her own kitchen.

After finishing both my Bakers and Pastry Chef Apprenticeship in my home country, I got restless and decided to get some work experience elsewhere. I helped open a Bakery in Luxembourg and after a summer there I decided to try my luck in Canada. I quickly fell in love with donuts and decided to develop my own recipe for these tasty treats.

When I was approached to be a part of an expanding Ice Cream Lab, I knew this was the right place and time to get the people of Canada to try my baking.

I take great pride in making everything from scratch, and during my combined 6 years of apprenticeship and further 6 years of working experience in 3 different countries, I have learned how to make pretty much anything the heart desires when it comes to sweet treats. Over the years, the recipes that I use, have been made my own by tweaking already existing recipes or I simply developed them myself.

I hope you enjoy your experience at Ice Cream Lab Bake Shop and Cafe, I certainly enjoy waking up early every morning to bake for you!

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