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Who We Are

Ice Cream Lab believes in providing you the absolute freshest ice cream you'll ever have. How do we do it? We use liquid nitrogen to make it happen. By flash freezing your ice cream using Liquid Nitrogen it creates an ice cream with extremely small ice crystals which translates into a very smooth taste and texture.
One of the other great benefits of this process is we can start with a fresh ice cream base that is made fresh each day and contains no additives or preservatives. It also allows us to provide you with any flavour you can dream up. We will carry a large amount of toppings and flavours which you can mix and combine to create your dream ice cream. Plus we guarantee you'll like the flavour you like or we'll make you a new one!


Ice Cream Lab is an independently locally owned family business.  The idea of Ice Cream Lab began after a family vacation to Florida when we stumbled upon this new concept in creating ice cream.  The ice cream was created using liquid nitrogen and fresh cream.  Our family enjoyed it so much that when we returned home we absolutely wanted more.  After an exhaustive search we had determined there was nothing like it around.  Then the wheels started to turn and the idea of Ice Cream Lab began to take shape.  Owner's Yvonne and Sean along with the help of their 5 children (captured in the logo) started working the idea further into a business plan and a possible location.  Within 3 months the wheels were in full motion after finding our location in downtown Milton and securing the proper permits and suppliers.  We quickly opened our doors in June of 2016.  In a very short time we became overwhelmed with the amazing amount of support that Milton has provided us.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide you with the absolute freshest ice cream ever.  Creating your ice cream using liquid nitrogen allows you to have exactly what you want when you want it.  The combinations are absolutely endless

Our vision

Our vision is to continue to grow Ice Cream Lab into a year round community go to spot.  We have already built a name for ourselves in the community and will continue to grow and support the local Milton economy.  We have already started offering a new birthday party concept and plan to expand into corporate and private events such as weddings, fairs, shows, and festivals.  Our longer term goal is to expand Ice Cream Lab into a Canada wide franchise.

Choose Us

  • Absolute freshest ingredients possible
  • Our Product is fully customizable and we are able to offer ice cream to many people who can't normally eat it due to either dietary limitations or food allergies or sensitivities.
  • Creating ice cream with liquid nitrogen creates a extra smooth texture as the ice crystals that form are so small.  This leads to a much richer product.
  • Lets admit it, it's pretty awesome to watch it be made right in front of your eyes.
  • When you go to an ice cream shop you can pick from 30-40 flavours that are popular, that's cute.  But at Ice Cream Lab the flavour combinations are literally endless
  • Our love it or we'll make you a new one free guarantee ensures you absolutely love your ice cream or we'll make you another one for free.  Who else offers that?

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